All Problems Stem From Three Things:

Lack of performance, scarcity of learning, and an overabundance of exhaustion

No One Wants a Bad Epidemic…

If Ebola can do it with badness, you can do it with goodness.

A new approach to solving problems

Leading a 21st century organization demands a new operating system, one which multiplies how leaders and teams perform, learn, and create. In a world where “good at your job” doesn’t begin to address “creating new value everywhere,” it’s time to access the design and science of positive social infection.

Simply put, we help leaders—CEOs, Executive Teams, and Founders—design optimal thought and action patterns that drive widespread and integrated results, learning, and engagement. We help you multiply social intelligence so your teams accomplish better results—without wearing yourself or others down.

The long list of priorities—strategic, operational, cultural—will not only get done, it’ll surprise even the biggest skeptic.

What’s a “Good Epidemic?”

When we think about “bad” epidemics, we fear the disease but admire the speed and the impact. A good epidemic is simply the pattern of thought and action we seek, linked to the design principles of explosive, tenacious, infectious phenomena.

At Epidemic Leadership, our mission is to help you create an epidemic of performance in everything you do; one that adapts and learns against resistance, inertia, and new threats; and one that multiplies and spreads vitality to and from every nook and cranny.

In a world of cloud computing, crowdsourcing, and swarm intelligence, we help leaders, teams, and organizations achieve results in a powerful, bigger-than-just-sustainable, epidemic way. In all of this complexity, we’re simple, practical, and effective.

Our Mission

Our mission is really your mission—or rather to multiply it exponentially and sustainably:

To help leaders, teams and organizations multiply performance, learning, and vitality.

We’re here to help you optimize, explore, and experience the most effective “how”—by tapping the speed, spread, distributed intelligence, adaptability, and resilience of epidemics.

Our Purpose

We’re here to unleash epidemic good, together.

One person cannot stop Ebola, poverty, corruption, or destruction just as one person cannot stop apathy, stagnant thinking, or anemic leadership.

But a single good epidemic can overwhelm even the strongest resistance and multiply transformative impact.




Why People Work with Us

We’re Small in a Big Way— Intentionally.

We’re trying to help you scale your DNA, multiply your impact—not ours. You’re moving at speed—you don’t need waste, overhead, or anything complicated. If you’re wanting to be agile and adaptive, the least we could do is be that way with you.

We’re Experienced, Directly and Deeply.

We’re the people who have actually done this stuff, in really tough circumstances and chaotic environments with no easy answers and with lots of people to get moving. We’re not an entourage of org-chart levels and entry-level people. We bring conventional skill and background but beyond-conventional approach. The tougher the challenge, the more we like it.

We’ve Got the Science.

You’ve got your landscape, your strategy, your inside knowledge and awareness.  We don’t bring more “what”—we bring unique “how”—grounded in neuroscience, network science, and complexity science. Don’t worry, we keep it simple and practical. But it works—always, anytime, everywhere.

What Epidemic Do You Want To Launch?