You Want Exponential Impact—Not Incremental Progress.

And you know you can't create a new world with old rules.

Who Works with Us

Are you biding your time or making every moment count? We help you multiply disruption without antagonism, influence without manipulation, and adaptation without inflammation. We seek cutting-edge leaders who know the future is about mobilizing social intelligence, creative collaboration, and collective innovation into hard-number results, wide adaptation, and everybody-brings-it vitality.

Boards, Chief Executive Officers and Executive Teams

95 percent of Boards, CEOs, and Executive Teams say they could be better.  We can take you from what you know to what you need to be. 

Governance, monitoring, and oversight are important.  Succession, transition, and leadership strategy are beyond important: they’re critical and tricky.  We help you through these risks. 

You’re working 25 hours a day—let’s multiply how the leaders you work with share the load and move the work.

Leaders at all levels

We help whole populations of leaders with the ultimate competency—creating abundant results, learning, and vitality.

Pioneers and innovators

It’s a wide-open and urgent time; We help you mobilize your idea to epidemic impact.

OD, Change Champions, coaches & facilitators

We help you shift the entire DNA of your system—the dynamics, not just the mechanics.

Why People Work with Us

We’re Small in a Big Way— Intentionally.

We’re trying to help you scale your DNA, multiply your impact—not ours. You’re moving at speed—you don’t need waste, overhead, or anything complicated. If you’re wanting to be agile and adaptive, the least we could do is be that way with you.

We’re Experienced, Directly and Deeply.

We’re the people who have actually done this stuff, in really tough circumstances and chaotic environments with no easy answers and with lots of people to get moving. We’re not an entourage of org-chart levels and entry-level people. We bring conventional skill and background but beyond-conventional approach. The tougher the challenge, the more we like it.

We’ve Got the Science.

You’ve got your landscape, your strategy, your inside knowledge and awareness.  We don’t bring more “what”—we bring unique “how”—grounded in neuroscience, network science, and complexity science. Don’t worry, we keep it simple and practical. But it works—always, anytime, everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions


We’re small, we’re agile, we’re experienced, and we’ve seen all those gant charts and process maps. We understand you need practicality, simplicity, and a shift in how your people think and act. You work in a world of cloud computing, distributed stakeholders and ideas, overlapping processes, multiple goals and needs. We get it—you’ve got to be equally skilled at opposites—you’ve got to be consistent and innovative, aligned and diverse. You’ve got to tackle tough problems that have been around a long time. Speaking of time, you never have enough of it. You and your people need a new equation to handle all this velocity and volatility—we help you solve that math. The best part is…we’ve been there ourselves.


Deepen your leadership capacity—at one location or at scale; expand your ability to take on more work per unit time; increase how leaders, teams, and the whole organization learn and adapt; improve your vitality in and away from work. Shift your culture? Recreate your identity?  Implement systemic change?  We got you. Sound impossible? Try us—there’s a whole approach beyond grind and push. For the record, we like really tough problems and people who are willing to learn a better way.

  • 1:1 with senior leaders or with senior teams
  • Facilitating tough problems that have people knotted up
  • Designing longitudinal, whole-system change
  • Heading for undiscovered country, bringing senior executives or emerging leaders out west where we do a deep dive…outside

Usually we start with a conversation because…well, that is where we all start.

  • Listen, listen, and listen.
  • Map Fields, spaces, containers—with you
  • Design interaction that amplifies every process you want to improve—with you
  • Identify and activate multipliers—with you
  • Detail feedback loops—with you
  • Train your people—with you
  • Leave—because you won’t need us and don’t need extra things to worry about.
  • Stay in touch with you as a permanent member of our Epidemic Circles so you keep getting our latest stories, data, research, and references.


“Brilliant, just brilliant”

“At first, it was hard to grasp, because it’s different, but then it all started to come together, and it was actually so simple.”

“The fact that Larry had resuscitated a large organization from duress and dealt with the pressure and chaos was a huge plus. Even though we’re from different industries, the familiarity was reassuring.”

“I learn more from him in one hour than I do from anyone else in a year. His strategic acumen and emotional intelligence are off the charts.”

“Systems, systems, systems.  I’ll never look at things the same way again.”

“For every what, I now focus on the how.  And so are our people.  They step back early and say “How?”  The whole place is thinking and acting better.”

“Best consultants ever!”

“Organics and mechanics; art and science; head, hands, and heart!”

“Laura really is ‘with us,’ not ‘to us,’ while building our capability.”

“This wasn’t my first rodeo.  Laura moved me from ‘kill me now’ to ‘I’m all in.’”

“Experienced, curious, vulnerable, strong, and skilled.  They’re experts in leadership, but they’re always our partner, even when we’re learning new stuff (which we didn’t think was possible when we started).”

“Seeing my team learn and move exponentially was beyond what I thought could happen—amazing!”


What?!—Ebola, AIDS, Violence, Opiates? Of course. But they’re bad TOPICS, bad bugs. The epidemic is the exponential part, and there’s science around that—science you don’t learn in business school or typically on the job. So we help you harness the power of epidemic emergence, adaptation, spread, and scale so you can get stuff done, faster, sooner, easier…without wearing out.

What Epidemic Do You Want To Launch?

People Who Have Launched Epidemic Action