Scale Unprecedented Performance, Learning, and Vitality.

Epidemics are the perfect blueprint for mobilizing human systems in high velocity, high volatilty environments.

Better, Faster, and With More Impact…with you, not to you.

We help leaders—CEOs, Executive Teams and Founders—design optimal thought and action patterns that drive widespread and integrated results, adaptation, and engagement. You multiply social intelligence so your teams accomplish more, sooner, easier—without wearing you or themselves down.

The list will get done, but it’s the abundant new value that will surprise you.

Leadership Development for Executive Teams

Go beyond the basics of 360s and case studies. Go beyond the conventional with a trusted partner. Redefine your leaders’ what, how, and why—they’ll move the organization better than ever before.

Systemic Change and Culture Shift

Reimagine your entire culture, and then create it. Move your entire ecosystem to support your new identity. Build an ecosystem that works in the best of times and the worst of times. If you’re in rugged terrain, that’s where we like to work.

Coaching and Advising

Learn and apply epidemic technique to get epidemic effects. Move more piles, stop going through the motions. You’ll never lead the same way again. And that’s a good thing! 

Strategic Retreats

Think and act adaptively at the highest levels.  It’s not just what your strategy is, it’s how you spin up collective intelligence to get smarter, faster.


Speaking and Workshops

Where infectious ideas, approaches, and action emerge. Don’t spend one more minute in passive, one-way keynotes. Learn how to cook up your effective epidemic.

Undiscovered Country

Want to “go wild”? You know the future is going to be a wild ride. Immerse yourself in unique outdoor settings where you reconnect and re-imagine your purpose and focus.

Scale the Unstoppable


You’ll see performance, learning, and vitality rise together, because we prioritize them not as separate topics but as the integral DNA of a “healthy epidemic.” 

Understanding What’s Essential

Why is Performance, Learning, and Vitality everything?

Whether you’re an athlete, a CEO, a clinician, an executive team, or an innovator, you’re after results—not just for yourself, but for your team or your organization. That’s about effort, of course, but it’s also about technique, capacitation, learning, recovery, relentlessness.

A thousand reasons chip away at your technique, your focus, your recovery, and your efforts—you live in a world of exponential demands and stresses. Just crossing things off the list and checking boxes isn’t enough. It’s time to craft abundant, exponential results.

Everyone says they want results; not everyone knows how to produce them. Results once isn’t enough—you need more, and then more, and then more again. You need results forever.

Performance—at the individual or group level—is about having a performance system. And that is about the science of improvement.  A lot of the things we do mix great effort and great intent, even great talent, with an approach that runs counter to the performance science that works.

We work with people who want to go beyond “getting good”; we work with people who are intent on creating ecosystems of excellence, where performance doesn’t just happen, it multiplies…sustains…spreads.

Call it agility, call it adaptation, call it innovation, call it change management—whatever you  call it, the capacity to learn and apply new insights virtually defines “living organism” or “viable company.” Whether you’re working on micro-dynamics or macro-inertia, you recognize that doing the same thing again and again is either rote mechanics or, if you’re looking for something different, insanity, according to Einstein, who also said,

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

You know the challenge of our times: it’s to tap, summon, focus, and spin up collective intelligence. And that means you’re in the business of creating learning environments.  Some of these are human, some are technological–AI comes to mind—but in whatever combinations of technology and humans you’re working, we’re really talking about “CI,” community intelligence. Leaders, teams, and organizations that can foster this collective, communal learning environment have the greatest chance to create and solve any issue, any time, in any combination.

"What really counts is what you learn after you know everything."  —John Wooden

You’re human, so you know…but then we try to forget how important our well-being is, because it’s hard to remember when the world keeps saying that what counts is the numbers, results, effects, outputs. You know the numbers are derivatives of more fundamental things—perseverance, creativity, fulfillment, well-being. You know inputs have to equal or surpass outputs, or you wear down. The physical universe works on entropy—the biological world can actually gather and store energy, but as part of that biological world, you and your people need to focus on inputs, or you’re done.

When things are right, people aren’t bought in, on board, or engaged as if they’re some sort of discount sale, on a boat ride, or a piece of warp drive.

When things are right, you and everybody else is alive—creating, connecting, enjoying, fulfilling. You’re not run down, you’re wanting to run. We’re not here to check the box; we’re here to create things that count, things that work, things that make a difference. We’re not here to degrade to exhaustion; we’re here to create to joy.

What Epidemic Do You Want To Launch?