About Larry

Founder, Epidemic Creator

Larry McEvoy’s life and work have always been about health.  As an emergency physician, he learned the value of creating rapid awareness in order to help people deal with injury, illness, and insult.  As a leader and executive, he learned the essential value of facilitating “big results” from the participation and volition of many people, each with their own perspective and value.  As a biologist raised on the big landscape of Montana, he learned the value of observing closely all the tiny and innumerable relationships that add up to sustainable vigor.

Appropriately enough for an emergency physician, his career has been a path of learning, working, healing, and leading in environments where the path to results and health face strong headwinds.  Whether it was in the floundering emergency department of his early career, the at-risk health system he inherited as a CEO during the economic collapse of 2008, the broken bodies and lives he cared for as a clinician, or the land his family bought a generation ago, he found himself increasingly leaning on the principles of biology to create value—strategic and human—when it really counts. 

The upside of learning and leading across all those circumstances of untapped potential, degraded function, and dispirited dynamics is a unique body of experience, knowledge, and technique in shifting them to more generative states of results, adaptation, and well-being—health!  With tested experience in high-stakes environments, his skill in tackling stubborn diseases such as apathy and team dysfunction results in widespread cures that stick and make a difference. 

He likes nothing more than creating both stability and agility, performance and health, in challenging landscapes of velocity and volatility.  If it’s about resuscitation, regeneration, or renewal—or starting something from nothing–he’s in. He is as comfortable fashioning 9-figure turnarounds as a healthcare CEO as he is facilitating a large crowd or teaching a child how to work with a horse. 

With his background of real-life strategic and operational results, coupled with wide knowledge of human physiology, ecosystems, neuroscience, social intelligence, and human networks, he brings new language, new thinking, new action, and a new approach, one that works better, faster, easier…and that spreads and sticks.  He puts it this way:

“The operating system on this planet is biology.  Humans are biological.  Our ability to create high-value human community—businesses, neighborhoods, teams—especially in this era of ubiquitous technology, depends more than ever on our understanding of biology as foundational and integral, not tangential and optional.”

His Background

  • Big Sky, small town, tall trees, cold water, rugged country, good people
  • English Writing, Carroll College
  • Medical School, Stanford University
  • Emergency Medicine, Hennepin County Medical Center 


  • CEO, Memorial Health System, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Senior executive and emergency physician, Billings Clinic, Billings, MT


  • Epidemic Leadership
  • PracticingExcellence

Faculty and Appointments

  • American Association of Physician Leaders
  • The Governance Institute
  • The Leadership Development Group
  • Executive-in-Residence, Center for Creative Leadership
  • Principal, Brenva Group

About Laura

Founder, Multiplying Good Enthusiast

Laura Quinn has always invited and challenged people to ask, “How can we do this better?  And together?” in a way that is energizing, fun--and makes an impact.  She learned early, as a financial analyst, that numbers matter, results are critical and good business comes first.  As she succeeded in the “money side” of business, she continued to see the impact that communication (both good and bad), human interactions, challenges, and untapped potential had on those business results – and yet those things were often ignored or dealt with in an ineffective, disconnected way.  The strategic and human opportunity cost of ignoring the value of human systems compelled Laura to explore how organizations could mobilize people and design leadership dynamics not only to get results but also to multiply the aptitude and creativity innate in everyone.

Her work and continuing education converged with a deeper source of knowledge for her: learning from nature.  Laura describes it this way: “Here’s this wildly intelligent place we live in and with and we’re not paying enough attention to the wisdom it offers.”  Laura blended her business experience, her acumen in Leadership and Communication, and a lifetime of immersion in nature to create the discipline of “Natural Intelligence” as the basis of her work. She anchored this work at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), where she focused on developing leadership at the individual, executive team, and organizational levels. While at CCL, she was one of the founders of two of CCL’s major areas of work: Organizational Leadership and Leadership for Sustainability.  She went on to lead CCL’s Global Change, Transformation and Organizational Leadership practice.   She has worked with numerous CEOs and their organizations to evolve their capacity to execute business Strategy for the long term – all the while building resilience and vibrancy in their organizations. 

Laura is now taking her work to the next level.  The “nature as metaphor” guide has led her to co-create the methodology behind Epidemic Leadership with co-founder Larry McEvoy.    She has seen that the “tried and true” methods for moving a system or changing a culture fall short – cascading, rolling-out and programmatic approaches won’t create the uptake and spread that organic, ecology-based efforts can. She is invigorated by this new “operating system” and is excited to share it with organizations that need to change and want to do it in a generative, effective and energizing way. 

Her Background

  • Grew up in a U.S. Air Force family– she loved the adventure of moving, making changes and meeting new people; spending as much time as  possible outside – camping,  hiking, playing; and when not outside, could always find her learning, reading, exploring, and asking lots of questions; LOVED travel and SNOW (and still does)!
  • University of Texas, PhD, Organizational Communication
  • University of Colorado, MA, Communication
  • University of Colorado, Business

  • Center for Creative Leadership – Faculty, Researcher, Program Manager, Global Director
  • Exabyte Corporation – Account Manager
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • — Materials & Technical Information Systems Manager
    — Buyer & Master Scheduler
    — Accountant & Financial Analyst


  • Epidemic Leadership
  • CCL Leadership for Sustainability Practice
  • CCL Organizational Leadership Practice
  • University of Colorado Sustainability Curriculum

Faculty and Appointments

  • Professor, University of Colorado
  • Adjunct Faculty (currently), Center for Creative Leadership
  • Founding Board Member, United Nations Global Compact’s Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative
  • Founding Board & Advisor, Global Explorers/No Barriers
  • Board Member, The Catamount Institute
  • Numerous refereed and popular press publications and certifications connected to the above

Books & Publications

CCL white papers, think different column, TLD column, HFMA column, etc.

Business Coaching

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