Mobilizing and Unleashing Human Systems.

A new framework for leading "better, faster, sooner -- everywhere, with everyone."
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Unprecedented Results.

Leading a successful organization in today’s world requires a new operating system, one which multiplies how leaders and teams learn, perform, and create.  When “good at your job” doesn’t begin to address creating “new value everywhere,” it’s time to access the design and science of positive social contagion. 

At Epidemic Leadership, our mission is to help you create an epidemic of performance in everything you do; one that adapts and learns against resistance, inertia, and new threats; and one that multiplies and spreads vitality to and from every nook and cranny. 

This is how you create leaders, teams, and organizations that achieve results in a powerful, epidemic way.

  • Leadership Development for Executive Teams
  • Systemic Change and Culture Shift


  • Coaching and Advising
  • Strategic Retreats
  • Speaking and Workshops
  • Undiscovered Country

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Who Works With Us

Future Makers Who Don’t Accept the Usual Barriers . . . and Seek Exponential Impact

    95 percent of Boards, CEOs, and executive teams say they could be better.  We can take you from what you know to what what you need to be.
    We help whole populations of leaders with the ultimate competency—creating abundant results, learning, and vitality.
    It’s a wide-open and urgent time; We help you mobilize your ideas to epidemic impact.
    We help you shift the entire DNA of your system—the dynamics, not just the mechanics. 

    What You Get

    Scale the Unstoppable

    Learn the roadmap to epidemic action.

    About Epidemic Leadership

    We live in a world of bigger disasters and tenacious resistance that can’t be check-listed out of the way or plopped on a conveyor belt, or even found in an app.  We also live in a time of unbounded possibility.  We need some new language, new thinking, new action, and a new approach.  One that works better, faster, easier. The future is about creating a new map to generative systems. 

    Larry McEvoy, MD, and Laura Quinn, PhD, founded Epidemic Leadership to help leaders escape the tedium of “check-the-box” competencies and mechanical change management to the more fertile ground and wider possibilities of generative human systems.  They bring wide professional experience and background and the science of emergent, adaptive phenomena to help adventurous leaders and teams multiply effective and innovative responses to the high-potential challenges of the 21st century.

    What Epidemic Do You Want To Launch?